Valley View 5.9, Canmore, AB – (Part 2/5)

Valley View 5.9, Canmore, AB - (Part 2/5)
Valley View 5.9, Multi-pitch Sport Route in Canmore Alberta, Canada

Climbed September long weekend 2017,

***A Quick “DO NOT DO” note *** I clipped a quick draw directly to the locker to redirect the rope so I could pull DOWN on the rope to take in the slack to belay the second. I should have clipped it directly to the bolt hanger as once I started to lead again, I forgot about it and began to climb off it [BINER CLIPPED TO BINER IS BAD!!] If I took a fall on it there’s a good chance the biner on the draw would have snapped.

My Climbing Partner was recovering from a leg/knee injury so we kept the longer route climbing easy for the weekend, and took to the side of caution to avoid trouble. There was a couple in front of us on this route but we almost caught up to them before reaching the top. The First pitch is a 5.6 scramble and without knowing it, we ended up free solo-ing the first half to three quarters of the first pitch. So we roped up when we saw the first bolt at a ledge. Not knowing where we were starting we kept checking the guide book to try and find out which anchors we were at.

Some of the pitches went quick so I just linked the clips of the pitches into one video. So this is Part 2 of 5

Valley View 5.9, Canmore, AB – (Part 2/5)

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