Lake Louise by Yuhki Kuramoto

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First and foremost I will extend my heartfelt thanks to Andra (AndraNature) for making this video Possible….. A million thanks Andra for all the efforts and time you’ve given me. Thanks ma’am…. hahaha!

This is my first video with my new Adobe Premiere Pro. Hope you enjoy…. Wishing you a relaxing day!

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Lake Louise by Yuhki Kuramoto
Lake Louise by Yuhki Kuramoto

Lake Louise and Moraine Lake are some of the most beautiful lakes we saw while visiting Banff, Canada. When we went to Lake Louise, we hiked the Lake Agnes trail up to Lake Agnes Tea House and then continued hiking up to the Beehive. At Moraine Lake, I sat in a hammock and enjoyed a beautiful view of mountains and glacial lakes. Both adventures were amazing!

Part 1: Overview of Trip –
Part 2: Canadian Food –
Part 3: Things to Do in Banff –
Part 4: Lake Louise & Moraine Lake –



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LAKE LOUISE AND MORAINE LAKE | Hiking in Banff, Canada - Travel Vlog 04
LAKE LOUISE AND MORAINE LAKE | Hiking in Banff, Canada – Travel Vlog 04

34 thoughts on “Lake Louise by Yuhki Kuramoto”

  1. I've been to Lake Louise in August 2014 and the lake was magnificent. I liked the color and this music fits its scene.

  2. YESSSSS!!!! This song was pre-programming into my parents old yamaha electric piano. I loved it so much I have some of the bars tattooed on me. Thanks for uploading! Best song EVER!

  3. genial escuchar una mausica tan bella y el piano hace que las melodias sean mas hermosas gun bravo por los artistas y un saludo para sounds08

  4. I listen to rap, soul, reggae, and many others.
    But out of all I favor my contemp. classic section.

  5. really really, I like this song. I feel like crying. this music is pure so much. I litsened to this song first time, when I was middel school. at that time, I don't want go school. on all such occasions, I listend to this music. I felt peace. yuki kuramoto spent me to school every morning. thank you yuki !

  6. As nice as this video and music was, and as nice as the lakes were, not one picture was of Lake Louise Canada. I live 50 km from it.

  7. Very pretty place! However there are tons of hidden gems in Canada, Lake Louise is definitely a must see :).

  8. You carried that full backpack! I have the same one and with nothing it has it's own weight. It's a great camera backpack though. I've been wanting to visit that area for a while, thanks for sharing it!

  9. Great video. I was just in Banff and it's hard to describe how beautiful it is! Where was your favourite area to hike?

  10. This is so gorgeous, it's like it's not real! It's like you're on a movie set! Or in a video game, like Skyrim or something like that! πŸ™‚ And I'm very respectful of your hiking skills, I probably would have given up lol.

  11. thought I had left you a comment on this video a few days ago.It's so cool to see you make videos in Canada.This place is really special for me and it's probably the place where we will settle after our world journey.The trail looked amazing.It didn't look like an easy hike but It looked definitely worth it.So cool that there was a tea house on the path.We could really live in those mountains forever!Love how happy you looked when you came across snow at 7:07

  12. That hotel looked amazing. Great tip about the bathrooms as that didn't look that inviting. Shame about the horse poop too.

  13. "how do we get back down?" haha. That was one brave or very hungry chipmunk. Great video. πŸ™‚

  14. I love the shots, such beautiful lakes and I really love how funny you are! So enjoyable!!! Haha, good one with the Fairmont… Maybe you could just sneak in next time. πŸ˜€ Or just sleep in the hammock…

  15. What amazing scenery! Great video! Some great scenery and also some funny clips!

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